The Off the Ropes Podcast

The Off the Ropes podcast is a weekly show bringing you some of the World's most inspiring individuals, but not just those who have achieved enormous success, specifically those who have endured hardship and adversity and overcame their challenges. Plus, interviews with experts in the fields of neuroscience, nutrition, health, fitness and personal development, extracting their wisdom on how to optimise your performance, fulfil your potential and learn how to get your life 'off the ropes'.
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The Off the Ropes Podcast


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Aug 12, 2016

Sean Conway has been described as Britain's answer to Forrest Gump for his love of setting himself seemingly insurmountable endurance challenges: he’s cycled around the world - with a fractured spine; was the first person to swim from Land’s End, on the UK’s south-west coast, to John O’Groats, in Scotland - via Ireland! And has recently completed a 4200 mile ultra-triathlon around the coast of Great Britain which he described as the ‘toughest 85 days of my life’. Off the Ropes? You bet!

Topics Discussed:

  • Why Shaun felt despondent & depressed with his career as a photographer.
  • Why he sold his business shares for just £1 & walked away into a future unknown.
  • Material success versus fulfilment & purpose.
  • Sean’s meaning of happiness.
  • How he dreamed up the idea to cycle around the world with no money.
  • Why a fractured spine didn’t deter him from completing his round the world cycle.
  • How he became the first person to swim from Land’s End to John O’Groats.
  • The story behind the beard!
  • How he uses others’ doubt and his fear of failure to fuel his adventures.
  • Why he chose to cycle, run and swim 4200 miles around Britain in the ‘ultimate triathlon’.
  • What unexpected difficulties occurred.
  • What he learned about his capabilities during his challenges.
  • How he found his life purpose.
  • Why we should set ourselves enormous challenges.