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The Off the Ropes podcast is a weekly show bringing you some of the World's most inspiring individuals, but not just those who have achieved enormous success, specifically those who have endured hardship and adversity and overcame their challenges. Plus, interviews with experts in the fields of neuroscience, nutrition, health, fitness and personal development, extracting their wisdom on how to optimise your performance, fulfil your potential and learn how to get your life 'off the ropes'.
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Sep 9, 2016

How does it feel to sky-dive onto a moving car? To land on top of a hot air balloon? Or, sky-dive with the world’s smallest parachute? Find out in this week’s Off the Ropes Podcast with multiple Guinness World Record holder, aerial stunt-man and sky-diving pro, Ernesto Gainza. A man who knows exactly how to live off the ropes!

Topics Discussed:

  • Moving to England from Venezuela.
  • How a fortuitous job working on a ferry lead Ernesto to sky-diving.
  • How it feels to jump out of a plane!
  • Why Ernesto wanted to sky-dive with the world’s smallest parachute.
  • How to mentally prepare for such a challenge.
  • Why world records are merely a pleasant aside to Ernesto’s career.
  • Ernesto’s pre-jump rituals.
  • How sky-diving has strengthened his courage and resilience.
  • How to deal with those who underestimate your potential.
  • Why Ernesto pursues such a risky career, despite seeing others die.
  • What sky-diving has taught him about life.
  • Why he wanted to jump onto a hot air balloon!
  • How it feels to land on a moving car!
  • How family feel about his pursuits.
  • The importance of pursuing goals for happiness.
  • Sky-diving in Everest.
  • How Ernesto relaxes.